Circular Migration: UKBA Announces International Action Plan

Circular Migration

On the 3rd August 2009 the UK Border Agency published the consultation document titled ‘Earning the right to stay: a new points test for citizenship’. In it the government first proposed the idea of ‘Circular Migration’. Circular Migration means that ‘migrants are able to come, leave and come back again, without it adversely affecting their immigration status’.

The idea of Circular Migration has been proposed in order to address the skills loss in some of the world’s poorest countries. International skilled migrants bring advantages to host countries in the form of economic growth, home countries in the form of significant remittances, and of course skilled migrants themselves in the form of higher earnings. However the loss of key skilled professionals in poor countries can be severely detrimental, especially as professionals often work in important areas such as healthcare.

By developing the concept of ‘Circular Migration’ the UKBA wants to make it ‘easier for people from developing countries who have been working in the UK to take the skills and experience they have gained back to their countries of origin, and to retain their links back home’.

Phil Woolas, the Borders and Immigration Minister said that “There is no question that migration has brought benefits to the UK economy. Many of those who come here plug hard-to-fill jobs gaps, playing a key role in running public services especially in health and education. But while Britain is benefiting, it is important that we do not deprive other countries of the skilled people they need most. It\’s in our long-term interest that they have the doctors, nurses and teachers who are so crucial to their development. That\’s why, particularly in these difficult times, we must ensure those that do come here are given the opportunity to help back home and invest their new-found skills.\’

‘Pausing’ an individuals Journey to Citizenship

Back in August 2009 the UKBA commissioned the Institute for Public policy Research (IPPR) to assess options to facilitate ‘Circular Migration’. The organisation recommended a ‘pause button’ for those working their way towards British Citizenship on a Tier 1 Visa (formerly HSMP) or Tier 2 Visa (formerly UK Work Permit). The ‘pause button’ would allow ‘migrants already in the UK to return to their home country for a period of time, and then return to the UK without loosing their previous entitlement and to count all of their time in the UK (even if interrupted) towards an application for citizenship’.

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