Google Reward for Bugs found in Chrome

The announcement was made by Chris Evens of Google Chrome Security who announced the reward on the Official Chromium Blog. In a statement Mr Evens said that “Some of the most interesting security bugs we\’ve fixed have been reported by researchers external to the Chromium project. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of these people and others, Chromium security is stronger and our users are safer”.

In order to submit a bug for consideration it must be filed through the Chromium Bug Tracker. Any type of security bug may be considered by the panel of Google judges however they will ‘typically focus on High and Critical Impact bugs’.

Commonwealth Contractors

Commonwealth Contractors is a collection of highly skilled professionals from the Commonwealth and beyond. For years the organisation has worked with many exceptionally gifted International IT Consultants who have built long standing careers in the UK. Many of these professionals have taken part in rigorously testing beta software, operating systems, developing applications for the iPhone etc.

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