31st January Tax Return Deadline

Submitting an Online Tax Return to the HMRC

In order to submit an online tax return to the HMRC you must first register to use the HMRC’s online services. Once information has been submitted the HMRC sends out at activation code (designed for security reasons) by first class post. You will need the code in order to log into your account and file the return. Application codes can take around a week to arrive so if you have not already arranged the document you will probably end up filing a late return, however you will not have to pay a £100 penalty so long as you pay all of the tax you owe to the HMRC before the 31st January.

Paying Tax to the HMRC

All payments to the HMRC for the year end April 2008 – April 2009 must be received by the 31st January 2010, the deadline is the same whether a return has been filed online or by paper. You can arrange to pay the self assessment tax payment by internet or telephone banking if you need to make an urgent payment. To do this you will need to provide the bank with:

  • The HMRC’s Bank Account Details: There are two offices which take payments on behalf of the HMRC, Cumbernauld and Shipley. To determine which one you need to make payment to use should refer to your payment reminder.
    • Cumbernauld Accounts Office:
      • Sort Code: 08 32 10
      • Account Number: 12001039
      • Account Name: HMRC Cumbernauld
    • Shipley Accounts Office:
      • Sort Code: 08 32 10
      • Account Number: 12001020
      • Account Name: HMRC Shipley
  • Your Self Assessment Reference Number: When making a Self Assessment tax return you will need to provide your Self Assessment Reference Number (also known as a Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR)) in order for the payment to be tied up with your records on the HMRC’s side. Your reference number will be in the reference number box on the payslip the HMRC sent to you. The number is made up of ten digits followed by the letter K

HMRC Online Services & Help lines

The HMRC’s online services are available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. If you are having difficulties you should refer to:

  • The Online Services Helpdesk – 0845 60 55 999, OR
  • Self Assessment Help line – 0845 9000 444

Please note that www.CommonwealthContractors.com accepts no liability whatsoever to any user with regards to this article. Information has been provided simply to remind and inform users of the need to submit a tax return. Users are advised to visit the HM Revenue & Customs website for full details of submitting a UK Tax Return.

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