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Salary Guide for Limited Company Contractors

Most Limited Company Contractors remunerate themselves through a mix of Dividends, Reimbursed Expenses and PAYE Salary. By minimising salary payments and maximising dividends it is possible to achieve a significant tax advantage over straight payroll solutions.

Expense Guide for Limited Company Contractors

If you run a Contractor Limited Company you will be able to deduct certain ‘tax deductable’ business expenses from company billings. Contractors working at remote work sites normally incur a good few expenses however care should be taken to comply with HMRC expense claim rules (including Site Based Rules).

Corporation Tax Guide for Limited Company Contractors

Limited Company Contractors have to pay Corporation Tax on all company profits at the Small Business Rate of 20%. Once Corporation Tax has been paid (or provided for) a dividend can be distributed which, when considered versus PAYE, saves significant amounts in Employers National Insurance.