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UK Boarder Agency raids shut down brothel

On August 3rd Immigration crime team officers from the agency, supported by West Midlands and Warwickshire Police officers, paid another visit ,two Chinese women were encountered. Officers informed the women that they were going to be using evidence gathered at the scene to apply for a closure order via the courts. The women denied working […]

UK immigration law challenged by three couples

Rashida Chapti, 54, is a British citizen who has been married to Vali Chapti, 57, for 37 years and has six children. For the past 15 years, Mrs Chapti has travelled between England and India in order to spend time with her husband, but now she wishes Mr Chapti to live with her in Leicester. […]

UK Boarder Agency to improve employer checking service for migrant workers

ECS is a developing service run by the UKBA. ECS will assist employers in checking the validity of application registration cards and certificates of UK migrant worker\’s application. The service requires immigrant workers to submit required evidence to provide their legal working status in the UK. Employers must check these documents before the UK immigrants […]

Curry House raided by immigration police

The business, Shagorika curry house now faces a potential fine of up to £20,000 – £10,000 per illegal worker – unless it can prove that the correct pre-employment checks were carried out. The raids took place after a tip-off from a member of the public. It is the second time in three years that the […]

UK Boarder Agency cracks down on immigration abuse

UKBA Regional Director of Pakistan, Carol Doughtry said: ‘‘we welcome genuine travellers from Pakistan and between January and March 2011 issued over 35,000 visas to Pakistani nationals. But we will not tolerate immigration abuse and will punish those who break immigration laws. Our aim isn\’t just to prevent illegal migration but also identify and take […]

Home Office blunders result in violent thugs escaping deportation

Ex-Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: ‘in addition to the original sin, it is a disgrace the Home Office is not willing to release figures on something which is of such public importance. They must tell the public exactly what they have done to bring these dangerous criminals under control and be fully open […]

Improved services for online UK appointments booking

The online booking service has been brought together with interactive UK application forms and online payments, providing a single convenient process for applicants in the UK. To use the improved service, you need to create your own online account. You can then book and reschedule your appointments online without needing to phone the UKBA. You […]

Bride and groom arrested following sham marriage

Muhammad Naeem Aslam, a 22-year-old Pakistan national, appeared before Armagh Magistrates Court on Tuesday 2 August charged with seeking to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception. The bride, 21-year-old Latvian national Jolantea Juska, and her sister, 26-year-old Jana Juska, who acted as witness to the marriage, also appeared at Armagh Magistrates today […]

Online booking of UK appointments will be unavailable on 4-7 August

The service will be available again from Monday 8 August, including a number of improvements. You will be able to create your own online account, and book and reschedule your appointments online without needing to phone. The improved service will bring the appointments process together with interactive application forms and online payments for UK applicants. […]