SAP looking to help retail clients stalk customers

Stefan Gruler, the Head of Trading Industries at SAP, recently revealed that one area of focus for the firms retail strategy is to develop ‘in-memory real time data on customer behaviour’ for retail clients. What that means is companies will be able to see what their customers are buying in store and match them to their social networking profile (Twitter, Facebook etc) for comment on the product following the purchase.

Mr Gruler said that “If you look at sites such as Facebook, where you\’ve got friends talking about your products on social networking sites, recommending products and services to each other – you realise how important this data is to the business. You\’ll see people sending notes about products via Twitter, answering questions, giving recommendations – we need to find and collect this information and figure out what it means. At the end of the day, the real value of that data comes when you put intelligence into it and combine it with the right analytics system to get the right data that helps you make decisions out of that. Are we allowed to use it? That\’s the real issue at the moment.\”

Recently SAP announced record results for quarter 4 of 2010 and said that the European region performed particularly well. The company recorded a 35% increase in software revenue (to £1,3 billion), saw the number of deals made increase by 36% on quarter 4 of 2009, operating expenditure decreased by 62% and overall the company achieved a post tax profit of £1.5 billion.
Speaking of the growth in European market, Bill McDermott, Co-CEO of SAP, said that \”Emerging markets in Europe are growing fast. We are optimistic in Europe.\” The company recorded a 20% increase in software sales and software related services in Europe.

Speaking on the figures, Co-CEO Jom Hagemann Snabe said that \”We defined a winning strategy based on innovation, over consolidation. Not only can we go into new areas like on-demand, mobile and in-memory computing, but we also got our core business to grow again. In-memory computing is a true breakthrough. It\’s a complete re-thinking of the way data is stored, and allows you to scale to infinity in terms of speed and size of computing.\”

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