Monthly Archives: October 2010

KPMG announce plans to expand over the next three years

Iain McLaughlin, head of recruitment for KPMG, said that “The recruitment market has become more buoyant across the board in recent months. Demand has grown and so has supply, as people have become more confident about leaving their present position for other jobs. I look forward to making sure that KPMG’s recruitment function can continue […]

REC raises AWR concerns to the Conservatives

Speaking at the event the Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, said that \”We came to the Conservative Party Conference to engage with the new Government on the Agency Worker Regulations. We stressed that this is the first real test of the Government\’s stated commitment to limit red tape and getting out of […]

HMRC Clampdown on Offshore Contractor Tax Schemes

The investigation comes following the approval of BN66 rules which cleared the way for the HMRC to seek taxes retrospectively from users of such schemes. Earlier in the year an IT Contractor who used the Montpelier Group for 7 years named Robert Huitson failed in an attempt to fight the HMRC, he lost nearly £85,000. […]

Latest ONS Unemployment Figures show 2.45 Million People are out of work

In response to the figures the Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Kevin Green, said that \”The ONS figures tally with our latest Report on Jobs which shows that the jobs market is starting to flatline with the growth in job placements at its slowest rate for a year. This \’deceleration\’ raises […]

1 Million Jobs expected to be lost due to Public Sector Spending Cuts say PwC

The areas of the country most likely to be hit by cutbacks are Scotland (4.1%), Wales (4.3%) and the North East (4.1%). The Chief Economist at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, John Hawksworth, said that “Although the recovery may not be as strong this time as in the 1990s, we would expect at least some rise in private sector […]

Lloyds Banking Group set for major IT Contractor Cutbacks

The news will come as yet another blow to those highly skilled IT contractors working in the banking sector, many of whom have seen opportunities reduce significantly since the beginning of the recession. It is likely that many lower level IT roles will be lost to outsourcing arrangements over the next couple of years as […]

Government Challenged over one rule for Premiership Footballers and another for Elite Scientists & Engineers

The letter sent to the Times was signed by eight of the eleven British or British based scientists to win the Nobel science award since 1996, including Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov, two Russian scientists from the University of Manchester who invented grapheme. Professor Novoselov said that ”the UK risks losing senior figures […]

Nick Boles calls for £5,000 Public Services fee for Migrants

Recently Mr Boles said that \”We need to make sure people who come here make a financial commitment to the country which they\’ll get back in a few years time.\” However, the highly controversial suggestion would be very difficult to bring into force due to the sheer weight of opposition. Skilled & highly skilled workers […]

Damian Green defends Interim Immigration Cap

In an statement on the UK Border Agency website Mr Green said that “The interim limit was introduced to stop a rush of last minute applications ahead of the annual limit being introduced in April next year and the UK Border Agency has been working very closely with businesses to ensure that these arrangements have […]

New UK Border Agency Visa Processing Fees

Tier 1 General (Postal) – £840 Main Applicant; £129 Per Dependent Tier 1 Investor (Postal) – £840 Main Applicant; £129 Per Dependent Tier 1 Entrepreneur (Postal) – £840 Main Applicant; £129 Per Dependent Tier 1 General (PEO) – £1,095 Main Applicant; £154 Per Dependent Tier 1 Investor (PEO) – £1,095 Main Applicant; £154 Per Dependent […]