Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa support for amazing candidates that don’t yet have a job offer (large up front costs apply).

If you have an amazing candidate, and really want to make life easy for your client, then you can sidestep the need for sponsorship altogether IF the applicant can qualify for a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa.

Assessing eligibility is not straightforward, and always requires the cost of an up-front consultation that is not guaranteed to give good news, so this is not an option for the mass market. 

Please complete the form below if you have an applicant that would like to explore this area, and you/they are happy to pay a £250 consultation fee without any guarantee that the outcome will be positive. 

After paying £250 for an initial consultation, the answer may be that the applicant has almost no chance, or that further costly work is needed to give an answer (and even then the answer may not be definitive). 

Just as 83% of motorists believe they are ‘above average’ drivers, we all like to believe we are exceptional, but most of us are only exceptional to our friends and families, so do bear in mind that the criteria used by the UK Home Office will be a cold calculation of ‘is this applicant one of the very best?’. 

The form below is not an online form that requires an online payment to complete  BUT once it is received, the £250 will have to be paid to receive an assessment

The service is not given by commonwealth contractors, nor do we get the money, but we do want the recruiters that use this site as a resource  to get answers without unnecessary cost, so please don’t burn £250 needlessly.