Solutions for T2 ICT professionals who are of Exceptional Talent or who have a great Start Up Business Idea

All western countries seem keen to attract ‘the brightest and the best’ of the world.In the USA the O-1 visa is reserved for those that have won Nobel prizes,Oscars, or similar.The UK is slightly less restrictive, so if you are an amazing technology professional (particularly in Cryptography, or AI/Robotics), or have a great startup business idea likely to generate success and jobs in the UK (a consultancy that mainly employs you is not going to be enough), then this may be an option for you.Assessing your eligibility is not going to be simple, or free.Please complete the form below if you would like to explore this area, and are happy to pay a £250 consultation fee without any guarantee that the outcome will be positive.You may well pay £250 only to discover you have almost no chance, or that further costly work is needed to give an answer (and even then the answer may not be definitive).Just as 83% of motorists believe they are ‘above average’ drivers, we all like to believe we are exceptional, but most of us are only exceptional to our friends and families (arguably the most important thing anyway), so do bear in mind that the criteria used by the UK Home Office don’t involve seeing how much you are loved, or are a great son/daughter/father/wife.This is not an online form that charges you to submit it, but once you submit, you will have to pay to get an assessment, and we just don’t want people having to pay to get bad news, so please double check, do some online research, and only submit the form if you think that you have a really good chance, and are more than happy to pay £250 for a service that may not give you the answer you hope for.The service is not given by commonwealth contractors, nor do we get the money, but we do want you to be a happy researcher and to get the support you need without unnecessary cost, so please don’t burn £250 needlessly.