Finding a UK Tier 2 visa sponsoring employer for expats in the UK

If you don’t yet have a job offer from a sponsoring employer, but you are an experienced (3+ years, ideally 5+ years) professional in IT, Finance, or Engineering (or in professional services sales), we may be able to help.

Your skills could be just what one of our partners needs, but such an overlap would be a happy accident. Get our FREE “Expat job hunters resource pack”

Expat job hunters resource pack

Remember to define to yourself what are your objectives and expectations.  Are you a technically expert ‘gun for hire’ that wants a comfortable home in a large company that will tell you what to do, and give you incremental pay reviews.  Or are you want to be in the driving seat, to have a hand in choosing your assignments, and get rewarded for being ‘a rainmaker’ (ie bringing in contracts) as well as doing the technical work of delivering a project to a client.   That can pay much better, BUT to be considered in that way, you will be at an advantage if you bring business as well as skills to your prospective employer. ie find a client contract first, and get a better starting pay package!

Complete the form below to register, and get your resource pack.  If you are really serious, and know the UK market, please include your estimate of the day rate you think you would achieve.  The estimate should be of what your skills would typically command in the UK before mentioning any flexibility: so you may say £350/day but would accept £200 at first to ‘get your foot in the door’.