Fast track Tier 2 General visa for Tier 4 students with a client / contract offer

As a Tier 4 student, if you have completed your degree successfully, and have a client / contract offer, and want a consulting career, you have 3 great advantages

  • You can start work immediately on your Tier 4 visa.  No delays & probably time to pass probation & prove your worth before needing sponsorship
  • Your employing sponsor will not need to do a ‘Resident Labour Market Test’ (advertise the role)
  • You can take more junior roles.  Even £200-220/day assignments can work if you are under 26 and qualify for ‘New Entrant’ treatment (your CoS will have to end by your 26th birthday, thereafter you will need to be extended by a new CoS supported by the ‘Experienced worker’ pay rate)

If you are a Tier 4 student in IT, Finance, or Engineering, we can get you the fastest assessment & support to turn a contract offer into a sponsored role.   And to help you get paid more than the 1/3rd of the client fees you generate that would be typical (if you were lucky) in the ‘Big 4’ consultancies, and others working to the traditional model of 1/3rd to staff costs, 1/3rd to Overheads. and 1/3rd to profits.  

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