Fast track Tier 2 for expats with a client / contract offer

If you are an expat professional in IT, Finance, or Engineering, we can get you the fastest assessment & support to turn a contract offer into a sponsored role.   And to help you get paid more than the 1/3rd of the client fees you generate that would be typical (if you were lucky) in the ‘Big 4’ consultancies, and others working to the traditional model of 1/3rd to staff costs, 1/3rd to Overheads. and 1/3rd to profits.  

The contract must offer a reasonable rate that comfortably funds the package you need to be on (there are job specific minimum pay rates so that expats are not used to undercut the going rate in the UK). Broadly the situation is:

Contracts paying up to £200/day

These rates are typically too low to work with, but it is always worth looking at every situation on a case by case basis.  It may be possible to turn the contract into a permanent role and work with the client to get them to do the sponsoring.

Contracts paying £201-349/day

Rates in this range can usually be made to work, though, particularly at the lower end, turning the contract offer into a job offer is often the best option.  Even if the company is telling you they don’t want to have anything to do with Tier 2, don’t worry, lots of companies will come round when the process is explained to them and other people can do the complex work that may be scaring them off.   They would not be offering an annual budget of £45-80k, unless there was a significant need / benefit to having you on board.

Contracts paying £350+/day

At this sort of rate, if the work is not ongoing or routine, it is often viable to look at having you work for a consultancy if the client company is happy to have a service delivered rather than having you as a quasi employee.  

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