Assessing – is this role suitable for Tier 2 Sponsorship

To be suitable:

  • It should be a Graduate-Level role (the expat does not need to have a degree, but the role should be graduate level)
  • It should pay at least £30,000pa if the expat is 26 or over (those under 26 can be paid lower ‘New Entrant’ salaries).  AND it should pay the going rate for the job in the UK (you can’t hire a CEO and pay them only £30k pa)
  • Unless it is in an area of recognised shortage, the role should have been suitably advertised for 28 days to give locals the chance to apply. AND there should be no local applicants with the advertised-for skills/experience (you can’t reject a local that ‘ticks the boxes’, just because you think an expat is even better)
  • If it is a role on a client project & sponsorship will be by a supplier: It should not be to do an ongoing/routine role for the client, or provide an ongoing/routine service, nor should it be to act as an agency worker or otherwise as de-facto staff for the client company.  Sponsorship must come from the company that employs the expat and allocates work to them (If you are a client company, you should have approved a statement of work that details what you will receive, you can not simply detail the provision of a ‘Data Analyst’ )

For an assessment, complete the form below.