Fast track Tier 2 for expats going into a perm role with a client that already has a sponsor license Solution

If you are a recruiter, and your clients wants to hire an expat, they may already have a sponsor licence (most large companies do), but not sponsor so many people that it is a familiar daily process for their HR team.  Do not worry, the right advisor can make it very easy for the client to ‘jump through the hoops’. Help can include:

  • Assessing candidate suitability / eligibility (also checking whether the candidate may be able to get a visa through family or other routes that don’t need your client to sponsor)
  • Assessing the role, whether it qualifies as a ‘Shortage Occupation’, and the ‘Sector Occupation Classification’ code that best fits
  • The ‘Resident Labour Market Test’ (ie advertising the role to give locals a fair opportunity to apply, and being sure that any local applicants are considered properly)
  • Requesting the allocation of a Restricted CoS, if needed
  • Certificate of Sponsorship Drafting
  • ‘Appendix D pack’: The documents & copies that a sponsor needs to keep
  • Helping the individual (and family members, if needed), with their visa application once the employer has assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship.  This can also include:
    • Checking that there is suitable proof of English Language skills (even when someone speaks perfect English and has been working in English for years, they need to provide paperwork to prove their language skills and may need to take a test to get a suitable certificate)
    • Checking if there is a need for a TB test, and advising on the details if one is needed.

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