Relocating to the UK

When coming to the UK, expats typically need:

A visa. See our guides to:

Somewhere to live.  These websites can help:

Help with moving (unless you have only checked and carry on luggage taken on your flight) These sites can help:

A way to get a decent rate on Foreign Exchange.  Both for converting ‘home currency’ to the GBP you will need for initial costs in the UK, and for converting UK earnings back into  ‘home currency’ at a later date. UK high street banks often give very poor rates, you should probably equip yourself with

  • A Revolut or similar card for day to day purchases funded by foreign currency
  • An fx account such as SwapForex for large scale transfers such as for house purchases,

Qualification validation: To ensure that employers and/or regulators give appropriate credit to you for your hard-won degree and/or other professional or academic qualifications / accreditations, it may be worth using the services of Uk NARIC.  

But before all that typically comes getting a job offer, and that is not an easy process, especially if you are not yet in the UK.  For help on that front see our page on: