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Pay Part Onshore and the Rest Offshore

Split Payroll

Some organisations have been known to structure Income payments between ‘Onshore’ and ‘Offshore’ by running a spit payroll. (more…)

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Hope you do not get found out

Billing contract income earned in the UK to an offshore service provider for the purpose of not paying tax is tax evasion regardless of whether or not the person to whom the money belongs is resident in the UK. (more…)

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Genuine Non UK Work for Non UK Domiciled Consultants

If you come to the United Kingdom as a Non-UK Domicile on a temporary work visa using an offshore structure to deal with income arising ‘Outside the UK’ then using an offshore vehicle may be a perfectly legitimate thing to do. (more…)

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Using an Offshore Contractor Solution

Over the last few years the HM Revenue and Customs have really clamped down on Contractors who choose to structure their income via ‘offshore’ solution providers with the introduction of BN66.   (more…)

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