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Tier 2 Dependents | Work Permit Dependent

If you hold a Tier 2 General Visa you can bring your dependents with you while you work in the UK so long as you do not require access to public funds. While here your dependents can access the National Health Service (NHS) and State Schools for free just as any other UK resident would. (more…)

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Out of Country Tier 2 Applications

‘Out of Country’ Tier 2 applications are used where a UK Employer wishes to employ a Non EEA national who does not have an existing status that will allow him or her to move to the new visa in country. (more…)

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In Country Tier 2 Applications

In Country’ Tier 2 General applications are used where an applicant is either; (1) switching immigration category, OR (2) changing employment from one Tier 2 sponsor to another, OR (3) extending existing Tier 2 leave with the same employer. (more…)

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IT Consulting on Tier 2 General visa

Highly skilled IT consultants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) now have few choices but to do IT Consulting on a Tier 2 General Visa with a Tier 2 Licensed Sponsor in order to work in the UK now that Tier 1 General (formerly the old HSMP) has been cancelled. One other option if you have £50,000 to invest and a valid plan for an IT consulting business, is a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa using our partners turnkey solution

Are you a highly skilled IT Consultant with skills in demand? Do you need a Tier 2 General Visa (formerly UK Work Permit) to work in the UK? If so Commonwealth Contractors may be able to help!

At Commonwealth Contractors we partner with Tier 2 Licensed Employers & Consultancies who may be prepared, where appropriate, to sponsor a highly skilled Individual on a Tier 2 General Visa.

 IT Consulting on Tier 2 General Visa

If you’re a highly skilled IT Consultant your aim will no doubt be to work on many varied IT projects in order to develop your professional experience and make you skills ever more in demand. Working for an IT Consultancy can be a great way to realise this aim and build your skill set in order to enjoy a long and fruitful career.

At Commonwealth Contractors we work with a number of IT Consultancies who are always looking for highly skilled individuals with skill and experience combinations in great demand in the UK. These companies are Tier 2 licensed and are prepared, where required, to sponsor a Tier 2 General visa.

Benefits of working for an IT Consultancy on a Tier 2 General Visa:

  • Varied Projects – Work on a number of varied projects during the course of a Tier 2 visa approval and build experience quickly. This should be compared to working for a Tier 2 sponsor in the same role for 5 years and stagnating
  • Increasing Project Rates and Retention – Normally rates increase with experience and value creation. If billing rates increase so will your pay / benefits!
  • 3 – 5 Year Tier 2 General Visas Approved – Our partners normally look to apply for maximum term Tier 2 General Visas (initially 3 years, extendable so that after 5 years you will usually be eligible for Permanent Residence (‘Indefinite Leave to remain’ or ILR)
  • Reclaimable Expenses to boost retention. Where appropriate, expenses may include:
    • Accommodation costs (either hotel or rent & Utilities) linked to work at a temporary site
    • Visa Costs
    • Flights Home
    • Travel cost to a temporary workplace
    • Subsistence costs when working at a temporary workplace
    • Professional Training & development
    • Professional Journals and Textbooks
    • Postage and Stationary
    • Necessary hardware & software

IT Roles in Demand

Many high level Information Technology roles and in great demand in the UK, including;

Senior Business Analysts, Systems Consultants, Project Managers, Senior Systems Analyst, Senior Test Analysts, Senior Systems Developers, Systems Architects, Senior Programmers, Senior Software Engineers.

If you work in one of the areas detailed below or any other high level IT role please get in contact!

IT Skills in Demand

The IT sector is always evolving which means that many new and existing skills are in great demand, including;

Murex, Calypso, Fidessa, Front Arena, Globus, OpenLink, Sophis, Summit, SolArc, SAP, Oracle, SQL, .NET, C, C++, C, Oracle, ASP.NET, XML, Java, J2EE, ION Trading, TIBCO, Solvency II, Basel II, Basel III, Sybase, WebSphere, WPF, Silverlight, Android, J2SE, WebLogic, DB2, Essbase etc

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To find out more about securing Tier 2 Work Permit Sponsorship with a Tier 2 Licensed employer call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!


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Tier 2 General Visas (formerly UK Work Permits)

Tier 2 General Visas Information

On this website we have provided loads of useful information on  Tier 2 General Visas.

How long you can I stay?

You can come to the UK with a Tier 2 General visa for the time given on your certificate of sponsorship plus 1 month, or for a maximum of 3 years and 1 month, whichever is shorter.

Your stay must start no more than 14 days before the start date on your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

You can extend this visa for another 3 years. See the information on Tier 2 Extension Applications

Please click on one of the links below for more information:

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To find out more about our solutions call now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!


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Tier 1 General Visas / HSMP – Closed to New Applicants

Tier 1 General (formerly the old Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) is now closed to new applicants. If you’re a highly skilled professional you may qualify however for an alternative visa which will allow you to work in the UK as a highly skilled professional! (more…)

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