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Tier 4 Students – 12.12.12 Deadline To Switch To T1(E)

The new guidance for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applicants after 13th December 2012 means that most Tier 4 students will have to go home to apply.


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London Mayor welcomes Indian students

Mayor Boris, in Delhi to promote London, said he wanted to roll out the red carpet to Indian students


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London Met Own Goal

Guido has a rather sad picture which  many might say proves UKBA’s claim (more…)

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Tier 4 students – stay in the UK with Tier 2 sponsorship

  • Are you on a student in the UK on a Tier 4 visa?

  • Would you like to stay in the UK and become a consultant?

If you can demonstrate an ability to generate >£250/day billings, our partners  may be able to help.

Contact us with your CV.  If you join a consultancy as a Tier 4 student, they can sponsor a Tier 2 work permit to keep you here.  This is one of the rare cases where a UK work permit for a non-shortage job paying under £150k pa can be sponsored without the employer advertising to give first refusal to local applicants

If you have not yet secured a contract offer, don’t worry.  Often it can be difficult to even see a company until they know your visa will not be their responsibility.
We can also help with advice on marketing yourself so that you get the offer that may unlock sponsorship, and so you talk to people who don’t just discard expat CVs.

Find out More

To find out more about our solutions call now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!

Check out our immigration guides for details on how Tier 2 work permit sponsorship can lead on to Indefinite leave to Remain (permanent residence) and then British nationality / passport.


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Transferring to Tier 1 Post Study Work (closed from 5 April 2012)

Tier 1 Post Study Work Visas allowed Non EEA graduates to work freely in the UK for a period of up to two years following graduation. The category was seen as a transitional router to a long term work visa; it closed to new applicants on 5th April 2012. (more…)

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Tier 4 General Visas

Tier 4 general visas of the Points Based System is designed to allow Non EEA Students to come to the UK to study for an approved qualification at a Tier 4 Licensed University or College. (more…)

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