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Tax for Contractors & Expats

Tax, and quasi-tax such as National Insurance, typically costs European those working in the UK and Europe from 1/3rd to 2/3rds of their earnings.  Tax planning can be particularly relevant for expats for whom there is often far more choice than exists for those living and working in their home countries.

Our guides are not a substitute for professional advice about your individual situation, but they may help give you an idea of the lie of the land, so that you can have a focussed (and thus shorter and cheaper) discussion with your advisor.

The guides cover:



Expat tax issues

Tax for Contractors & Freelancers   


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Corporation Tax Guide for Limited Company Contractors

Limited Company Contractors have to pay Corporation Tax on all company profits at the Small Business Rate of 20%. Once Corporation Tax has been paid (or provided for) a dividend can be distributed which, when considered versus PAYE, saves significant amounts in Employers National Insurance. (more…)

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