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Why Britain Needs India

Another article in this week’s Spectator highlights the benefits India brings to Britain,


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Migration in Reverse: UK to India

This week’s Spectator has a great article on Brits of Indian origin heading back to the fast-growing superpower to make their fortune. (more…)

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UK – Big Brother is watching immigrants

In September 2012 the UK Border Agency  intends to deploy the ‘National Allegation Database’, (more…)

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New Commonwealth Contractors site

Over the Olympic weekend, Commonwealth Contractors, the web’s No1 resource for expat freelancers seeking UK work visa sponsorship, launched its new site.  (more…)

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Google Launch ‘Google Play’ in bid to rival Apple’s iTunes

Internet giant Google has re-launched its online store in an attempt to take on Apple’s iTunes. Google’s previous Android Market online store has not been as popular as anticipated. (more…)

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Contractors enjoy Great Places to Work

Top 30 Best Workplace Rankings 2010 – UK Organisations:

  1. Baringa Partners
  2. Danone Limited
  3. Impact International
  4. Microsoft Ltd
  5. Novo Nordisk Limited
  6. NetApp UK Limited
  7. Diageo GB
  8. General Mills UK
  9. Danone Waters (UK & Ireland)
  10. Admiral Group
  11. Abbott
  12. ALMAC Group
  13. ApaTech
  14. Beaverbrooks the Jewellers
  15. Bimouthmedia
  16. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  17. British Gas
  18. Cadbury UK (Head Office)
  19. Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work
  20. Chubb Insurance Co of Europe SE
  21. Cisco Systems
  22. Coca-Cola Great Britain
  24. FactSet Europe Limited
  25. Fishbum Hedges Group
  26. Grunenthal Limited
  27. Huxley Associates
  28. Kellogg’s
  29. Ketchum Pleon
  30. KRC UK and Ireland

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Commonwealth Contractors

Commonwealth Contractors is a collection of highly skilled professionals from the Commonwealth and beyond. We partner with OISC Registered Immigration Partners capable of professionally representing Tier 1 Visa Applications / Extensions AND Tier 2 Licensed Consultancy & Associated Trust Partners who may be prepared, where required, to sponsor a Medical, Information Technology or Engineering Professional on a Tier 2 Visa (formerly UK Work Permit).

To find out more call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your details now and we will get right back to you. Please be prepared to send a copy of a recent CV so that we can pass to interested partners


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New Commonwealth Website

We are happy to announce that on the 17th December 2009 the new Commonwealth Contractors website went live. The new website brings together UK Work Visas (including Tier 1 & 2 Visas) & Skilled Consulting (in particular IT & Healthcare Consulting). Notably, will now carry skilled job postings, especially those relating to the IT & Healthcare Sectors. If you are an employer or recruiter and you wish to advertise on free of charge please feel free to contact Commonwealth Contractors today.

The new website is built around four key sections:

  1. UK Work Visas: Information on; applying for a Tier 1 (Highly Skilled) Visa, Gaining Tier 2 (Work Permit) Sponsorship, Tier 4 (Student) Visas, Tier 5 (Working Holiday) Visas, Ancestry Visas, European Visas and more
  2. IT & Healthcare Consulting: Guidance for International Information Technology & Healthcare Professionals wishing to work in the UK. Users of this section should be aware that skilled job postings will be detailed in the ‘Latest News & Skilled Jobs’ Section
  3. Agency & Overseas Partners: Information for prospective Corporate Partners, i.e.: UK Based Agencies, Overseas Agencies, Offshore IT Consultancies etc
  4. Expat Centre: The Expat Centre contains important information for those interested in; Going into business with a Contractor Limited Company, Living in the UK, Umbrella Companies, Finding a UK Contract etc

If you are a related website and you wish to carry Commonwealth Contractors news we are happy to write content for you where a back link can be provided.

Over the next few months will be adding new functionality to improve the experience of web users. If you have any suggestions or you are experiencing issues using the new website please visit the Submit your details now and we will get right back to you.. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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